Mott The Hoople - Concert Dates
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Mott The Hoople
Concert Dates

This tour date index has been compiled from published sources, itineraries, advertisments, ticket stubs, advertising, and personal recollections. When known, the other artists on the bill are listed. If you have any additional information about any of these dates, please feel free to pass it along.

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1969.08.06MTH, Bat Caverna, Riccione Italy[first Mott The Hoople gig]
1969.08.07MTH, Bat Caverna, Riccione Italy
1969.08.08MTH, Bat Caverna, Riccione Italy
1969.08.09MTH, Bat Caverna, Riccione Italy
1969.08.10MTH, Bat Caverna, Riccione Italy
1969.08.11MTH, Bat Caverna, Riccione Italy
1969.08.12MTH, Bat Caverna, Riccione Italy
1969.09.??MTH, Albemarle Youth Club, Romford UK
1969.09.??MTH, Grammar School For Boys, Hartlepool UK
1969.09.05MTH, Market Hall, Romford UKKing Crimson
1969.09.06MTH, Implosion, Roundhouse, London UK Renaissance, Deviants
1969.09.12MTH, Locarno Ballroom, Sunderland UKFree
1969.09.17MTH, Fillmore North, Sunderland UKFree
1969.10.07MTH, Speakeasy, London UK
1969.10.19MTH, AEA, Harwell UK
1969.10.20MTH, Youth Club, Lechtworth UK
1969.10.23MTH, Van Dike Club, Plymouth UK
1969.10.25MTH, Van Dike Club, Plymouth UK
1969.10.28MTH, Northcote Arms, Southall UK
1969.11.09MTH, Peterlee Jazz Club, Durham UK
1969.11.12MTH, Speakeasy, London UK
1969.11.13MTH, Country Club, Hampstead UK
1969.11.16MTH, George's Club, Manchester UK
1969.11.17MTH, Youth Club, Lechtworth UK
1969.11.21MTH, Wake Arms, Epping UK
1969.11.24MTH, Old Granary, Bristol UKPhineas Fogg
1969.12.05MTH, Central London College of Engineering, London UKColosseum
1969.12.07MTH, Lyceum, London UKTaste, One, Forever More
1969.12.08MTH, Friars, New Friarage Hall, Aylesbury UK
1969.12.11MTH, Country Club, Haverstock Hill UKKelly James
1969.12.13MTH, Barking College, Romford UKWildmouth, Castle Farm
1969.12.14MTH, Greyhound, Croydon UKLiverpool Scene
1969.12.15MTH, Southsea, Portsmouth UK
1969.12.18MTH, Christmas Dance, Grammar School, Aylesbury UK
1969.12.21MTH, Roundhouse, London UK Quintessence, Village Tea & Symphony
1969.12.24MTH, Van Dike Club, Plymouth UK
1969.12.31MTH, Northcote Arms, Southall UK My Cake
1970.01.01MTH, Friars, Addison Centre, Kempston, Bedford UK
1970.01.03MTH, Mothers, Birmingham UKTaste
1970.01.04MTH, Cloud Nine, Peterborough UK
1970.01.08MTH, Westfields College, Hampstead UK
1970.01.09MTH, The Temple, London UKDaddy Longlegs, Skin Alley
1970.01.11MTH, Cheeses, Chapel Hill, Stanstead UK
1970.01.12MTH, Wintergarden, Cleethorpes UK
1970.01.15MTH, Penthouse, Scarsborough UK
1970.01.16MTH, University Of East Anglia, Norwich UK
1970.01.17MTH, University Of Surrey, Guildford UKChampion Jack Dupree
1970.01.18MTH, Greyhound, Park Lane, Croydon UK[afternoon gig]
1970.01.18MTH, Barn Club, Pied Bull, Islington UK[evening gig]
1970.01.21MTH, Joints, Wimbledon UKStone The Crows, Black
1970.01.23MTH, Drifter's Escape, Beaufort Theatre, Beaufort Walesno support
1970.01.24MTH, Victoria Ballroom, Chesterfield UK
1970.01.25MTH, Barn Club, Pied Bull, Islington UK Gin
1970.01.26MTH, Youth Club, Letchworth UK
1970.01.29MTH, Old Granary, Bristol UK
1970.01.30MTH, Lanchester College of Technology, Coventry UKYes, Atomic Rooster, Free
1970.01.31MTH, Loughborough University, Loughborough UK
1970.02.01MTH, Bletchley Youth Club, Blechley UKDaddy Longlegs
1970.02.02MTH, Friars, New Friarage Hall, Aylesbury UK
1970.02.04MTH, Top Rank, Leicester UKBonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, Joe Cocker, Spirit
1970.02.05MTH, Stonehenge Club, Oxford UK
1970.02.06MTH, University of Exeter, Exeter UK
1970.02.07MTH, Chelsea College, London UKSkin Alley
1970.02.09MTH, Sticky Fingers (Mad Shadows), Olympic Studios, Barnes, London UK
1970.02.10MTH, Sticky Fingers (Mad Shadows), Olympic Studios, Barnes, London UK
1970.02.12MTH, Eden Park Hotel, Beckenham UK
1970.02.13MTH, Leicester College, Leicester UK
1970.02.14MTH, Alma Road Youth Club, St. Albans UK
1970.02.15MTH, Sticky Fingers (Mad Shadows), Olympic Studios, Barnes, London UK
1970.02.17MTH, Sticky Fingers (Mad Shadows), Island Studios, Notting Hill, London UK
1970.02.18MTH, Sticky Fingers (Mad Shadows), Olympic Studios, Barnes, London UK
1970.02.19MTH, New Penny, Wakeford UK
1970.02.20MTH, Maidstone College, Maidstone UK[afternoon gig]
1970.02.20MTH, The Temple, London UKRat, Hackensack [evening gig]
1970.02.21MTH, University of Nottingham, Nottingham UK
1970.02.22MTH, Northcote Arms, Southall UK
1970.02.23Canceled: MTH, Anson Rooms, Bristol University, Bristol UK
1970.02.25MTH, Anson Rooms, Bristol University, Bristol UK
1970.02.27MTH, Warwick University, Coventry UK
1970.02.28MTH, London School of Economics, London UKQuintessence, Keith Tippett Group
1970.03.01MTH, Farx, Northcote Arms, Southhall UK Genesis
1970.03.02MTH, Keele University, Stoke UK
1970.03.03MTH, Nickelodeon, Fishmonger's Arms, Wood Green, London UK Steamhammer
1970.03.04MTH, Friars, Aylesbury UK
1970.03.04Canceled: MTH, New Joints, Wimbledon UK Bottle
1970.03.06MTH, Factory, Birmingham UK
1970.03.07MTH, Imperial College, London UK Gypsy
1970.03.08MTH, Electric Circus, Manchester UK Raging Storm, Electric Mud, Charlie Chester
1970.03.09MTH, Sticky Fingers (Mad Shadows), Island Studios, Notting Hill, London UK
1970.03.10Canceled: MTH, Bligh Hotel, Seven Oaks, Kent UK
1970.03.12MTH, Jimmy's Club, Brighton UK
1970.03.13MTH, Newcastle Polytechnic, Newcastle UK
1970.03.14MTH, Leeds University, Leeds UK
1970.03.15MTH, Angel Hotel, Godalming UK
1970.03.16MTH, Sticky Fingers (Mad Shadows), Island Studios, Notting Hill, London UK[No Wheels]
1970.03.17MTH, Dacorum College, Hemel Hempstead UK Hard Meat
1970.03.19MTH, Bingley College, Bingley UKBridget St. John
1970.03.20MTH, Grammar School, Hartlepool UK
1970.03.21MTH, Kirklevington Country Club, Kirklevington Village, Yarm UK
1970.03.22MTH, Oswald Hotel, Scunthorpe, Yorkshire UK
1970.03.24MTH, Beat Club #53 Taping, Bremen Germany[You Really Got Me, At The Crossroads]
1970.03.25MTH, Electric Circus, Lausanne Switzerland[two sets]
1970.03.26MTH, Electric Circus, Lausanne Switzerland [two sets]
1970.03.28MTH, Beat Club #53 Broadcast, Bremen GermanyLed Zeppelin, Marsha Hunt [You Really Got Me, At The Crossroads]
1970.03.28MTH, Electric Circus, Lausanne Switzerland[two sets]
1970.04.01MTH, Victoria Hall, Chelmsford UK
1970.04.02Canceled: MTH, Eden Park Hotel, Beckenham UK
1970.04.03MTH, Blues Loft, High Wycombe UK
1970.04.04MTH, Eel Pie Island, London UKWhite Lightning
1970.04.05MTH, Sticky Fingers (Mad Shadows), Island or Olympic, London UK
1970.04.05Canceled: MTH, George Hotel, Stoke UK
1970.04.06MTH, Sticky Fingers (Mad Shadows), Island or Olympic, London UK
1970.04.07MTH, Sticky Fingers (Mad Shadows), Island or Olympic, London UK
1970.04.08MTH, Castle, Tooting UKStatus Quo
1970.04.09MTH, Lafayette Club, Wolverhampton UK
1970.04.11MTH, VanDyke Club, Plymouth UK
1970.04.12Canceled: MTH, Youth Club, Letchworth UK
1970.04.13Canceled: MTH, Surrey Rooms, Kennington Oval, London UK
1970.04.14MTH, Town Hall, Watford UKKeef Hartley, East Of Eden
1970.04.16MTH, Technical College Annual Dance, Winter Gardens, Weston-Super-Mare UK Maya
1970.04.18MTH, Barn Club, Bishop's Startford, Essex UKGin
1970.04.19MTH, Northcote Arms, Southhall UK DJ Terry Williams
1970.04.20MTH, Pop Proms, Roundhouse, Chalk Farm, London UK Traffic, Bronco, If
1970.04.22MTH, Town Hall, Guildford UKHumble Pie, If
1970.04.23MTH, John Peel In Concert, Paris Theater, London UK
1970.04.23Canceled: MTH, Cooksferry Inn, Edmonton UK
1970.04.24MTH, Hospital Medical School, Cleveland, Essex UK
1970.04.25MTH, Newmans Technical College, Birmingham UK
1970.04.26MTH, Greyhound, Park Lane, Croydon UK
1970.04.27MTH, Kingston Hotel, Kingston, Surrey UKEasy Leaf
1970.04.28MTH, Corn Exchange, Cambridge UKWild Oats, Principal Edwards
1970.05.01MTH, Maryland Club, Glasgow Scotland
1970.05.02MTH, C.F. Mott Technical College, Liverpool UK
1970.05.04MTH, Friars, New Friarage Hall, Aylesbury UK Mick Softley
1970.05.06MTH, Fox On The Hill, Denmark Hill, London UK DJ Bob Stevens
1970.05.07Canceled: MTH, South Parade Pier, Portsmouth UK
1970.05.08MTH, Temple, London UK Steve Miller's Delivery, Black Velvet [late show]
1970.05.08MTH, Country Club, Haverstock Hill, Hampstead UK Noir
1970.05.09MTH, Watford College of Technology, Watford UK Warm Dust
1970.05.10MTH, Roundhouse, London UKStray, Skin Alley, Spontaneous Music Ensemble, Jeff Dexter
1970.05.11MTH, Cooksferry Inn, Edmonton UK
1970.05.16MTH, Village, Roundhouse, Dagenham UKKilling Floor (not Dr. Strangely Strange)
1970.05.29MTH, Eastown Theater, Detroit MIsupporting Jethro Tull, also Shorty, Clouds
1970.05.30MTH, Eastown Theater, Detroit MIsupporting Jethro Tull, also Shorty, Clouds
1970.06.04MTH, SUNY Stonybrook, Stonybrook NY Traffic
1970.06.05MTH, Electric Factory, Philadelphia PAKinks, Georgie Fame
1970.06.06MTH, Electric Factory, Philadelphia PAKinks, Georgie Fame
1970.06.10MTH, Fillmore East, New York NY Traffic, Fairport Convention [two shows]
1970.06.11MTH, Fillmore East, New York NY Traffic, Fairport Convention [two shows]
1970.06.12Canceled: MTH, Allen Theater, Cleveland OH
1970.06.13MTH, Cincinnati Pop Festival, Crosley Field, Cincinnati OH Stooges, Alice Cooper, etc.
1970.06.15MTH, Boston Tea Party, Boston MATen Years After
1970.06.16MTH, Boston Tea Party, Boston MATen Years After
1970.06.17MTH, Boston Tea Party, Boston MATen Years After
1970.06.19MTH, Capitol Theater, Port Chester NYKinks, Grand Funk Railroad
1970.06.20MTH, Capitol Theater, Port Chester NYKinks, Grand Funk Railroad
1970.06.23MTH, Tarant County Convention Center, Fort Worth TX Traffic, Mountain
1970.06.24MTH, Hemisphere Convention Center Arena, San Antonio TX Traffic, Mountain
1970.06.25MTH, Hofheinz Pavilion, Houston TX Traffic, Mountain
1970.06.26MTH, Aragon Ballroom, Chicago IL Ten Years After, BB King, Brownsville Station
1970.06.27Canceled: MTH, Aragon Ballroom, Chicago IL Ten Years After, BB King, Brownsville Station
1970.06.29Canceled: MTH, Amby Williams Park, Harrisburg PA[unsure of date (mentioned in Billboard)]
1970.07.01MTH, Harvard Stadium, Cambridge MA Ten Years After
1970.07.04MTH, Convention Center, Asbury Park NJTen Years After
1970.07.05MTH, Atlanta Pop Festival, Middle Raceway, Bryon GA
1970.07.06MTH, Whiskey A Go-Go, Los Angeles CAToe Fat
1970.07.07MTH, Whiskey A Go-Go, Los Angeles CA
1970.07.09MTH, Fillmore West, San Francisco CA Quicksilver, Silver Metre
1970.07.10MTH, Fillmore West, San Francisco CA Quicksilver, Silver Metre
1970.07.11MTH, Fillmore West, San Francisco CA Quicksilver, Silver Metre
1970.07.12MTH, Fillmore West, San Francisco CA Quicksilver, Silver Metre
1970.07.16MTH, Spectrum, Philadelphia PAJethro Tull
1970.07.18MTH, Warehouse, New Orleans LA Jethro Tull
1970.07.19MTH, Day of Joy, Almeda Speedway, Houston TX A. King, L. Russell, ZZ Top, Rare Earth, more
1970.08.21MTH, Mayfair Ballroom, Newcastle UKQuintessence, Supertramp
1970.08.22MTH, Barn Club, Bishop's Stortford, Essex UKHigh Broom
1970.08.23MTH, Redcar Jazz Club, Coatham Arms, Redcar UK
1970.08.31MTH, Medicine Ball Caravan, University of Kent, Canterbury UKGrateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Faces, Edgar Broughton
1970.09.04MTH, Flamingo Redhill Ballroom, Hereford UK
1970.09.05MTH, Potters Bar, Elm Court Youth Center, Hertfordshire UK Spiro Gyra
1970.09.10MTH, Paradisio Club, Amsterdam Holland
1970.09.11MTH, Paradisio Club, Amsterdam Holland
1970.09.13MTH, Fairfield Halls, Croydon UK Free, Fotheringay, If [two shows]
1970.09.18MTH, Country Club, Hampstead UKSun
1970.09.19MTH, Liverpool Stadium, Liverpool UKFree, Fotheringay, If
1970.09.20MTH, Cooks Ferry Inn, Edmonton UK
1970.09.24MTH, Polytechnic, Manchester UK
1970.09.25MTH, Polytechnic, Bristol UKPete Brown
1970.09.26MTH, Vandyke Club, Plymouth UK
1970.09.27MTH, Northcoat Arms, Southall UK
1970.09.28MTH, Youth Club, Lechtworth UK
1970.09.29MTH, Town Hall, High Wycombe UK Stackwaddy
1970.09.30MTH, Marquee, London UKBronco
1970.10.01MTH, McIlroy's Ballroom, Swindon UK
1970.10.02MTH, University of Lancaster, Lancaster UKStonefeather
1970.10.04Canceled: MTH, Wormwood Scrubs, London UK
1970.10.05MTH, Civic Hall, Dunstable UK
1970.10.06MTH, Town Hall, Birmingham UK Free, If
1970.10.06Canceled: MTH, Town Hall, Brighton UKFree, If
1970.10.07MTH, Castle, Tooting UKStatus Quo
1970.10.09MTH, Brunel University, Uxbridge UK Boris + Friends
1970.10.10MTH, Disco 2 Broadcast, London UKMott the Hoople,Bridget St John
1970.10.10MTH, Kirklevington Country Club, Kirklevington Village, Yarm UK[evening gig]
1970.10.10MTH, Liverpool Stadium, Liverpool UKTraffic, If, Quintessence [afternoon gig]
1970.10.11MTH, Wake Arms, Epping UK
1970.10.15Canceled: MTH, Penthouse, Scarborough UK
1970.10.16MTH, Eel Pie Island, London UKGarnet Wolseley
1970.10.17MTH, Roundhouse, Dagenham UK Nosher Brown
1970.10.18MTH, Greyhound, Croydon UK[possibly The Fox, Croyden UK]
1970.10.19Canceled: MTH, Old Granary, Bristol UKBocephus [Bocephus played the gig alone]
1970.10.20Canceled: MTH, Resurrection Club, Salisbury Hotel, Barnet UK
1970.10.22Canceled: MTH, Windrush Club, Reading UK Comys (Comus)
1970.10.23Canceled: MTH, Northern Polytechnic, London UK If, Principal Edwards, Curved Air, Hawkwind
1970.10.24Canceled: MTH, Crewe College of Education, Crewe UK
1970.10.25Canceled: MTH, Lyceum, London UK
1970.11.06Canceled: MTH, Syndrome, Chicago ILTraffic, Siegel-Schwall, Conqueror Worm
1970.11.06Canceled: MTH, Sisters, London UK
1970.11.08Canceled: MTH, Lyceum, London UK Formerly Fat Harry, Warm Dust, Heaven
1970.11.10Canceled: MTH, Fillmore East, New York NYSmall Faces, Black Sabbath
1970.11.10Canceled: MTH, Resurrection Club, Salisbury Hotel, Barnet UK
1970.11.11Canceled: MTH, Resurrection Club, Hitchin UK
1970.11.13Canceled: MTH, Easttown Theater, Detroit MI
1970.11.13Canceled: MTH, Poperama, Devizes UK
1970.11.14Canceled: MTH, Bromley Technical College, Bromley UK
1970.11.15Canceled: MTH, Pavilion, Bournemouth UK
1970.11.21MTH, Reading University, Reading UKJohn Martyn, John Morgan
1970.11.22MTH, Implosion, Roundhouse, London UKStoneground, Curved Air, Quiver, Shawn Philips, Jeff Dexter
1970.11.25MTH, Dartford College Of Technology, Dartford UKRenaissance II
1970.11.26MTH, Friars, Addison Centre, Bedford UK Chameleon
1970.11.27MTH, Westfield College, Hampstead UKSupertramp, Cochise
1970.12.03MTH, Blow Up, Munich Germany
1970.12.04MTH, Zoom Club, Frankfurt Germany
1970.12.05MTH, High School, Frankfurt Germany
1970.12.06MTH, Schorndorf TV Hall, Stuttgart Germany
1970.12.09Canceled: MTH, York University, Heslington UK
1970.12.10MTH, Penthouse, Scarborough UK
1970.12.11Canceled: MTH, Bedford College, Regent's Park, London UK Daniel's Band, Toby McGroin
1970.12.12MTH, Potters Bar Youth Center, Hertfordshire UKKnocker Jungle, National Head Band
1970.12.15MTH, South Parade Pier, Portsmouth UKAlan Bown
1970.12.16MTH, Resurrection Club, Heritage Ballroom, Hitchin UKSin
1970.12.18MTH, Redcar Jazz Club, Coatham Arms, Redcar UK
1970.12.19MTH, Liverpool Stadium, Liverpool UK Bronco, If
1970.12.21MTH, Town Hall, Dudley UK
1970.12.22MTH, Resurrection Club, Salisbury Hotel, Barnet UK [Christmas Freak Out]
1970.12.26MTH, Town Hall, Birmingham UK Bronco
1970.12.27MTH, Greyhound, Croydon UK Mike Maran
1971.01.03MTH, Starlight Club, Crawley, Surrey UK
1971.01.08MTH, Knufflespunk Club, Community Centre, Welwyn Garden City UK Sin
1971.01.09MTH, Kirklevington Country Club, Kirklevington Village, Yarm UK
1971.01.12MTH, Starlight Club, Crawley, Surrey UK
1971.01.15MTH, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh Scotland
1971.01.16MTH, Strathclyde University, Glasgow Scotland
1971.01.17MTH, Kinema Ballroom, Dunfermline Scotland
1971.01.19MTH, Marquee, London UK Amazing Blondel
1971.01.20MTH, Big Brother Club, Oldfield Tavern, Greenford UK [filmed by GTR TV Australia]
1971.01.21MTH, Van Dyke Club, Plymouth UK
1971.01.22MTH, Exeter University, Exeter UK
1971.01.23MTH, Big Apple, Brighton UK
1971.01.25MTH, Top Rank, Swansea Wales
1971.01.27MTH, Albert Hall, Nottingham UKWishbone Ash, Red Dirt, Nothineverappens
1971.01.28MTH, City Hall, Newcastle UK Wishbone Ash, Nothineverappens (Red Dirt did not appear)
1971.01.29MTH, City Hall, Sheffield UK Wishbone Ash, Red Dirt, Nothineverappens
1971.01.30MTH, City Hall, Hull UK Wishbone Ash, Red Dirt
1971.01.31MTH, St George's Hall, Bradford UKWishbone Ash, Red Dirt
1971.02.02MTH, Civic Hall, Wolverhampton UK Argent
1971.02.04Canceled: MTH, Town Hall, High Wycombe UK Arthur Crudup, Brewer's Droop, Jenny, Peace Corps
1971.02.05MTH, Town Hall, West Bromwich UKRenaissance
1971.02.06MTH, Manchester University, Manchester UK
1971.02.07MTH, Lyceum, The Strand, London UK Bronco, Karakorum
1971.02.12MTH, Trent Polytechnic, Nottingham UK
1971.02.16MTH, Konserthuset, Stockholm Sweden
1971.02.17MTH, Stockholm University, Stockholm Sweden
1971.02.18MTH, Vaxsjo University, Vaxsjo Sweden
1971.02.19MTH, Ljungskille Sweden
1971.02.20MTH, Uppsala University, Uppsala Sweden
1971.02.21Canceled: MTH, Cue Club, Gothenburg Sweden
1971.02.26MTH, Sisters Club, Tottenham, London UKBrewer's Droop
1971.02.27MTH, Potters Bar, Elm Court Youth Center, Hertfordshire UK[uncertain]
1971.02.27MTH, Technical College, Bromley UKRenaissance
1971.03.02MTH, Civic Hall, Tunbridge Wells UK
1971.03.04MTH, McIlroy's Ballroom, Swindon UK
1971.03.05Canceled: MTH, Parr Hall, Warrington UK
1971.03.06MTH, Student Festival, South Parade Pier, Portsmouth UK Satisfaction, Galliard
1971.03.07MTH, Town Hall, Cheltenham UKMan
1971.03.12MTH, Old Refectory, Southampton UK Brinsley Schwarz
1971.03.13MTH, Imperial College, Kensington, London UK Crushed Butler
1971.03.14MTH, Black Prince, Bexley UK
1971.03.17Canceled: MTH, Westfield College, Hampstead UK
1971.03.19MTH, Arts Ball, Empress Ballroom, Blackpool UK Colosseum, Marmalade, Gentle Giant
1971.03.20MTH, Leeds University, Leeds UKsupporting Curved Air
1971.03.21MTH, Redcar Jazz Club, Coatham Arms, Redcar UKBronco
1971.03.23MTH, Mayfair Ballroom, Newcastle UK
1971.03.25MTH, Locarno Ballroom, Sunderland UK
1971.03.26MTH, Mayfair Ballroom, Newcastle UK
1971.03.27MTH, Lanchester College of Technology, Coventry UK
1971.03.28MTH, Fairfield Halls, Croydon UK Bronco
1971.03.28MTH, Leeds University, Leeds UK
1971.03.30MTH, Marquee, London UK
1971.04.03MTH, Liverpool Stadium, Liverpool UK Greasy Bear, Stoned Rose, Andy Dunkley
1971.04.04MTH, Palace Theatre, Westcliff UKBronco
1971.04.09MTH, Mistrale Club, Beckenham UK
1971.04.10MTH, Roundhouse, Dagenham UKCollusion
1971.04.14MTH, Top Rank Suite, Watford UK Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come
1971.04.15MTH, BBC Disco 2 Broadcast, London UKMott the Hoople, Hookfoot
1971.04.15MTH, Guildhall, Plymouth UK Bronco, John Martyn
1971.04.16MTH, Winter Gardens, Bournemouth UK
1971.04.16MTH, Winter Gardens, Great Marlborough UKBronco
1971.04.17MTH, Winter Gardens, Malvern UKKarokorum
1971.04.18MTH, Victoria Hall, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent UK Bronco, John Martyn
1971.04.19MTH, Cooks Ferry Inn, Edmonton UK
1971.04.22MTH, Town Hall, Birmingham UK Bronco
1971.04.23MTH, Lowestoft College, Lowestoft, Suffolk UK
1971.04.24MTH, Kingston Polytechnic, Kingston UK Flying Fortress
1971.04.30MTH, Gateway Regional High School, Woodbury Heights NJ
1971.05.??MTH, Kingston Armory, Kingston PA
1971.05.01MTH, Fairleigh Dickinson University Student Union, Madison NJ supporting Procol Harum
1971.05.02MTH, Kutztown University, Kutztown PAsupporting Jethro Tull
1971.05.03MTH, Music Hall, Boston MAsupporting Jethro Tull
1971.05.07MTH, Eastown Theater, Detroit MIsupporting Siegel Schwall, Swallow
1971.05.08MTH, Eastown Theater, Detroit MIsupporting Siegel Schwall, Swallow
1971.05.11MTH, Guthrie Theater, Minneapolis MNsupporting ELP
1971.05.14MTH, Fillmore East, New York NY supporting Delaney + Bonnie, Mandrill [two shows]
1971.05.15MTH, Fillmore East, New York NY supporting Shan Na Na, Mandrill [two shows]
1971.05.17MTH, The Plato Club, Cleveland OHFully Assembled
1971.05.19MTH, Keil Auditorium, St. Louis MOsupporting ELP
1971.05.23MTH, Spectrum, Philadelphia PA supporting John Mayall, Alice Cooper
1971.05.28MTH, Rock Pile (prev. Action House), Long Island NY supporting Mandrill, Tea Hatley Reed
1971.05.29MTH, Rock Pile (prev. Action House), Long Island NY Hog Heaven, Tea Hatley Reed [Mick lost his guitar here]
1971.06.03MTH, Camden Community College, Blackwood NJsupporting Edgar Winter [Winter canceled, MTH not notified & plays in parking]
1971.06.03MTH, Fillmore West, San Francisco CA supporting Albert King, Freddie King
1971.06.04MTH, Fillmore West, San Francisco CA supporting Albert King, Freddie King
1971.06.05MTH, Fillmore West, San Francisco CA supporting Albert King, Freddie King
1971.06.06MTH, Fillmore West, San Francisco CA supporting Albert King, Freddie King
1971.06.11MTH, Civic Auditorium, Alberquerque NMsupporting Jethro Tull
1971.06.12MTH, The Warehouse, New Orleans LA Brownsville Station, Michael Overly
1971.06.13Canceled: MTH, Allentown PA
1971.06.16Canceled: MTH, Royal Albert Hall, London UK[rescheduled to 1971.07.08]
1971.06.17MTH, Municipal Auditorium, Atlanta GAsupporting Edgar Winter, J Geils Band
1971.06.18MTH, Eastown Theater, Detroit MIsupporting Edgar Winter, Sweathog
1971.06.19MTH, Eastown Theater, Detroit MIsupporting Edgar Winter, Sweathog
1971.06.25MTH, Durham UK
1971.06.26MTH, Leicester Polytechnic, Leicester UK
1971.07.03MTH, Pier Pavilion, Felixtowe UK
1971.07.08MTH, Royal Albert Hall, London UK Head Hands + Feet
1971.07.09MTH, Kinetic Circus, Birmingham UK
1971.07.10MTH, Spa Royal Hall, Bridlington UK
1971.07.11MTH, Floral Hall, Southport UK
1971.07.21MTH, Top Of The Pops, BBC Studios, London UK[Midnight Lady]
1971.07.24MTH, Town Hall, Truro, Cornwall UK Sutherland Brothers
1971.07.25MTH, Guildhall, Plymouth UK Sutherland Brothers
1971.07.30MTH, Albert Hall, Nottingham UK
1971.07.30Canceled: MTH, Town Hall, Cheltenham UKHookfoot
1971.07.31Canceled: MTH, Dome, Brighton UKSutherland Brothers
1971.08.?MTH, Coldfield Belfry, Sutton UKrecheduled from 1971.08.28?
1971.08.07MTH, Town Hall, Torquay UK Sutherland Brothers
1971.08.08MTH, Caravari Theater, Southsea Common, Portsmouth UK[mobile theater]
1971.08.13MTH, Mayfair Ballroom, Newcastle UK
1971.08.14MTH, Norwich Lad's Club, Norwich UK Pete Brown's Piblotko
1971.08.28Canceled: MTH, Coldfield Belfry, Sutton UK
1971.08.28MTH, Weeley Festival, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex UK T Rex, Faces, etc.
1971.08.29MTH, Lyceum, London UK Sutherland Brothers, Warm Dust, Frumpy
1971.08.30MTH, Hereford United Football Ground, Hereford UK Heads Hands Feet and others
1971.09.02MTH, Royal Ballroom, Boscombe, Bournemouth UK Marble Orchard
1971.09.04MTH, Friars, Borough Assembly Hall, Aylesbury UK Nimbo, Paul Brett's Sage
1971.09.08MTH, Winning Post, Twickenham UK
1971.09.12MTH, Kinetic Cellar, Kenilworth UKWood Fall
1971.09.18Canceled: MTH, Goodbye Summer, Kennington Oval, London UK supporting Who, Faces, Lindisfarne
1971.09.25MTH, Roundhouse, Dagenham UKTitanic
1971.09.29MTH, Taverne D'Olympia, Paris France
1971.10.01MTH, Casino Club, Bolton UK Medicine Head
1971.10.02MTH, Manchester University, Manchester UK
1971.10.05MTH, Refectory, Leeds University, Leeds UK
1971.10.07MTH, City Hall, Sheffield UK Peace
1971.10.08MTH, Victoria Hall, Stoke-On-Trent UK Peace
1971.10.09MTH, Liverpool Stadium, Liverpool UK Peace
1971.10.10MTH, St. George's Hall, Bradford UK Peace
1971.10.13MTH, Top Rank or Cardiff University, Cardiff South WalesSlade [possibly the 11th]
1971.10.15MTH, Lancaster University, Lancaster UKGraphite
1971.10.16MTH, University College, London UKMedium
1971.10.18MTH, Surrey Rooms, Kennington Oval, London UKSunshine
1971.10.22MTH, Top Rank, Doncaster UK Peace, Sutherland Brothers
1971.10.23MTH, Guild Hall, Portsmouth UK Peace
1971.10.27MTH, Town Hall, Oxford UK Peace
1971.10.30MTH, Albert Hall, Nottingham UK Peace
1971.11.01MTH, Town Hall, Birmingham UK Peace
1971.11.04MTH, Green's Playhouse, Glasgow Scotland Peace
1971.11.05MTH, City Hall, Newcastle UK Peace
1971.11.06MTH, City Hall, Hull UK Peace
1971.11.13MTH, Leicester University, Leicester UK
1971.11.14MTH, Rainbow, London UK Peace, Stoneground
1971.11.19Canceled: MTH, Goldsmith's College, London UK
1971.11.20Canceled: MTH, St. Mary's College, Twickenham UK
1971.11.21MTH, Civic Hall, Guildford UK Peace
1971.11.22MTH, Colston Hall, Bristol UK Peace
1971.11.25MTH, Guildhall, Southampton UK Peace
1971.11.26MTH, Kings Hall, Derby UK
1971.11.28MTH, Guildhall, Plymouth UK Peace
1971.11.29MTH, Civic Hall, Wolverhampton UK Peace
1971.12.03MTH, Copenhagen Denmark supporting Grand Funk Railroad
1971.12.04MTH, Philipshalle, Dusseldorf Germany supporting Grand Funk Railroad
1971.12.06MTH, Zirkus-Krone-Bau, Munich Germany supporting Grand Funk Railroad
1971.12.07MTH, Zirkus-Krone-Bau, Munich Germany supporting Grand Funk Railroad
1971.12.09MTH, Deutschland Halle, Berlin Germany supporting Grand Funk Railroad
1971.12.10MTH, Ernst-Merck-Halle, Hamburg Germany supporting Grand Funk Railroad
1971.12.11MTH, Festhalle, Frankfurt Germany supporting Grand Funk Railroad
1971.12.13MTH, Olympia, Paris France supporting Grand Funk Railroad
1971.12.16MTH, Palais De Sport, Lyon France supporting Grand Funk Railroad
1971.12.17MTH, Amsterdam Holland supporting Grand Funk Railroad
1971.12.18MTH, RAI Oosthal, Amsterdam Hollandsupporting Grand Funk Railroad
1971.12.19MTH, Roundhouse, London UKJohn Martyn, England Dan & John Ford Coley, Brett Marvin & Thunderbolts, Gallagher & Lyle, Max Merriott & Meteors
1971.12.20MTH, Civic Hall, Wolverhampton UK
1972.01.02MTH, Redcar Jazz Club, Coatham Arms, Redcar UK
1972.01.07MTH, Town Hall, High Wycombe UK Carole Grimes + Uncle Dog, Les Payne
1972.01.08MTH, Winter Gardens, Malvern UK
1972.01.15MTH, Roundhouse, Dagenham UK
1972.01.20MTH, Warwick University, Coventry UK
1972.01.21MTH, Chelsea Village, Bournemouth UK
1972.01.22MTH, University of Essex, Colchester, Essex UK Affinity
1972.01.29MTH, Watford College of Technology, Watford UK
1972.02.02MTH, Top Rank, Swansea Wales
1972.02.04MTH, Waltham Forest Technical College, London UK Hookfoot [Humble Pie canceled]
1972.02.05MTH, Rock Street Centre, Wellingborough Northants UK
1972.02.10MTH, Kelvin Hall, Glasgow Scotland Nazareth
1972.02.11MTH, Beach Ballroom, Aberdeen Scotland
1972.02.12MTH, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh Scotland
1972.02.13MTH, Up The Junction, Crewe UK
1972.02.14MTH, Free Trade Hall, Manchester UK Junkyard Angel
1972.02.17MTH, City Hall, Newcastle UK
1972.02.19Canceled: MTH, Liverpool Stadium, Liverpool UK
1972.02.20MTH, Fairfield Halls, Croydon UK Bronco
1972.02.25MTH, Locarno Ballroom, Sunderland UK
1972.03.17MTH, Rag Ball, Allen Manchester College, Manchester UK
1972.03.24MTH, Volkhaus, Zurich Switzerland Duffy
1972.03.25MTH, Gaskessel, Bern Switzerland
1972.03.29MTH, Kongresshalle, Frankfurt Germany
1972.04.01MTH, Marquee Festival, Middlewick Ranges, Colchester UK Stray, Fruup, Gordon Haskell
1972.04.05MTH, Guildhall, Plymouth UK Hackensack, Max Wall
1972.04.06MTH, Civic Hall, Wolverhampton UK Hackensack, Max Wall
1972.04.08MTH, Liverpool Stadium, Liverpool UK Hackensack, Max Wall
1972.04.09MTH, Civic Hall, Guildford UK Hackensack, Max Wall
1972.04.11MTH, Empire Theater, Edinburgh ScotlandHackensack, Max Wall
1972.04.12MTH, Green's Playhouse, Glasgow Scotland Hackensack, Max Wall
1972.04.13MTH, City Hall, Newcastle UKHackensack, Max Wall
1972.04.14MTH, Empress Ballroom, Blackpool UKHackensack, Max Wall
1972.04.15MTH, Market Hall, Carlisle UKHackensack, Max Wall
1972.04.16MTH, Victoria Hall, Stoke UK Hackensack, Max Wall
1972.04.17MTH, City Hall, Sheffield UKHackensack, Max Wall
1972.04.18MTH, St. George's Hall, Bradford UKHackensack, Max Wall
1972.04.19MTH, Lyceum, London UK Hackensack, Max Wall
1972.04.20MTH, Guildhall, Portsmouth UK Hackensack, Max Wall
1972.04.21MTH, College of Education, Luton UK Hackensack, Max Wall
1972.04.22MTH, East Anglia University, Norwich UK
1972.04.22Canceled: MTH, Starlight Rooms, Boton UK
1972.04.27MTH, Glen Ballroom, Llanelli Wales
1972.04.29MTH, Town Hall, High Wycombe UKSkin Alley, Junkyard Angel
1972.04.29Canceled: MTH, Sports Centre, Bracknell UK
1972.05.05MTH, Warwick University, Warwick UK
1972.05.05MTH, Aston University, Birmingham UK
1972.05.06MTH, Imperial College, London UK Junkyard Angel
1972.05.07MTH, Redcar Jazz Club, Redcar UKSmith Perkins & Smith
1972.05.09MTH, Winter Gardens, Cleesthorpe UKSmith Perkins & Smith
1972.05.11MTH, Malcolm's Disco, Hull UK
1972.05.13MTH, Loughborough University, Loughborough UK
1972.05.17MTH, Grona Lund, Stockholm SwedenFairport Convention
1972.05.18MTH, Stora Scenen, Liseberg Park, Gothenburg SwedenFairport Convention, Steve Tilson
1972.05.19MTH, Olympen, Lund SwedenFairport Convention
1972.05.20MTH, Wamohallen, Karlskrona SwedenFairport Convention
1972.05.21MTH, W-Dala Nation, Uppsala SwedenFairport Convention
1972.05.23MTH, Culture House, Helsinki FinlandFairport Convention
1972.05.24MTH, Concert House, Abo FinlandFairport Convention, Steve Tilston
1972.06.04MTH, Greyhound, Croydon UK
1972.07.08MTH, Royal Festival Hall, London UKDavid Bowie, JSD Band
1972.07.16MTH, Chelsea Village, Bournemouth UK
1972.07.20MTH, Top Rank, Watford UK
1972.07.21MTH, Top Rank, Doncaster UK Budgie, The Man Machine
1972.07.28MTH, Mayfair Ballroom, Newcastle UK Beckett
1972.08.??MTH, Memorial Hall, Barry UKFrupp, Quicksand
1972.08.??MTH, Community Centre, Slough UK
1972.08.09MTH, Assembly Hall, Worthing UK
1972.08.12MTH, Kings Cross Cinema, London UK
1972.08.13MTH, Top Of The Pops, BBC Studios, London UK[All The Young Dudes]
1972.08.13MTH, Civic Hall, Guildford UKFrupp
1972.08.25MTH, Queen's Hall, Barnstaple UK
1972.08.26MTH, Guild Hall, Plymouth UK
1972.08.27MTH, Rainbow Pavilion, Torquay UK
1972.09.15MTH, Civic Hall, Dunstable UKHome
1972.09.16MTH, Free Trade Hall, Manchester UK Home [evening gig]
1972.09.16MTH, Kennington Oval, London UKFrank Zappa, Hawkwind, Jeff Beck, Man [afternoon gig]
1972.09.17MTH, Victoria Hall, Hanley UK Home
1972.09.19MTH, Town Hall, Middlesborough UKHome
1972.09.20MTH, City Hall, Newcastle UK Home
1972.09.21MTH, Top Rank, Sheffield UKHome
1972.09.22Canceled: MTH, Mayfair Entertainment Center, Doncaster UK
1972.09.23MTH, Liverpool Stadium, Liverpool UK Home
1972.09.24MTH, Market Hall, Carlisle UKHome
1972.09.25MTH, Civic Hall, Wolverhampton UK Home
1972.09.26MTH, City Hall, Leeds UKHome
1972.09.27MTH, Top Rank, Birmingham UKHome
1972.09.28MTH, Locarno Ballroom, Coventry UKHome
1972.09.28Canceled: MTH, Top Rank, Bristol UKHome [rescheduled to 1972.09.29]
1972.09.29MTH, Top Rank, Bristol UKHome
1972.09.29Canceled: MTH, Top Rank, Cardiff UKHome
1972.09.30MTH, Winter Gardens, Malvern UK Home
1972.10.02MTH, Central Hall, Chatham UKHome
1972.10.04MTH, Top Rank, Brighton UKHome
1972.10.06MTH, Dreamland Ballroom, Margate UKHome
1972.10.07Canceled: MTH, Guildhall, Plymouth UK
1972.10.07MTH, Southampton University, Southampton UKHome
1972.10.14MTH, Rainbow Theatre, London UK Home
1972.10.15MTH, Rainbow Theatre, London UKHome
1972.10.22Canceled: MTH, Atlanta GA[first date of canceled USA tour]
1972.10.27MTH, College Of Printing, London UK Ro Ro
1972.11.18MTH, Northampton UK
1972.11.24MTH, The Palladium, Hollywood CA supporting West Bruce + Laing, Flash Cadillac
1972.11.25Canceled: MTH, The Coliseum, Los Angeles CASly Stone
1972.11.29MTH, Tower Theater, Philadelphia PABrownsville Station
1972.12.02MTH, Palace Theater, Providence RIsupporting John McLaughlin
1972.12.03MTH, Valley Forge Music Fair, Valley Forge PASavoy Brown, Climax Blues Band
1972.12.06MTH, Convention Hall, St. Louis MOBloodrock, Fleetwood Mac
1972.12.07Canceled: MTH, Springfield MO
1972.12.08Canceled: MTH, Pirate's World, Dania FL supporting Urian Heep, White Trash
1972.12.10Canceled: MTH, Bayfront Center, St. Petersburg FLsupporting Urian Heep, White Trash [MTH replaced by Bulldog]
1972.12.11MTH, The Embassy, Fort Wayne NJFlash Cadillac
1972.12.13MTH, Ford Auditorium, Detroit MI
1972.12.14Canceled: MTH, Keep It Clean, SMU Moody Coliseum, Dallas TX Bob Seger, It's a Beauiful Day, Buffy St. Marie, Spirit, Gladstone, Daniel
1972.12.15Canceled: MTH, Houston TX
1972.12.16MTH, Auditorium Theatre, Chicago ILEric Andersen, NRPS
1972.12.17MTH, Music Hall, Cleveland OHDr. Hook
1972.12.19MTH, Civic Theatre, Akron OH Fleetwood Mac, Dick Heckstall-Smith
1972.12.20MTH, Scranton PAEdgar Winter
1972.12.22MTH, Ellis Auditorium, Memphis TN Joe Walsh, Uncle Jam Band
1973.01.14Canceled: MTH, Kinema Balroom, Dunfermline Scotland
1973.01.18MTH, The Glen, Llanelli UKGood Habit, Thank You
1973.01.19MTH, Sheffield University, Sheffield UKNazareth [last Verden Allen gig]
1973.02.01MTH, Town Hall, Cheltenham UKAverage White Band [first gig without Verden Allen]
1973.02.10MTH, Friars, Borough Assembly Hall, Aylesbury UK Darien Spirit
1973.02.17Canceled: MTH, Bradford University, Bradford UK
1973.02.19MTH, Town Hall, Birmingham UK Sensational Alex Harvey Band
1973.02.22MTH, Green's Playhouse, Glasgow Scotland Sensational Alex Harvey Band
1973.02.24MTH, Empire Theater, Edinburgh ScotlandSensational Alex Harvey Band
1973.02.25MTH, City Hall, Newcastle UK Sensational Alex Harvey Band
1973.03.02MTH, Leeds Polytechnic, Leeds UK Maldoon
1973.04MTH, Top Of The Pops, BBC Studios, London UK[Honaloochie Boogie]
1973.04.07Canceled: MTH, Kinetic Playground, Chicago IL
1973.06.21MTH, Filming, Hits a Go Go, Seeheim Germany[Honaloochie Boogie, Drivin' Sister]
1973.06.22MTH, Filming, Hits a Go Go, Seeheim Germany[Honaloochie Boogie, Drivin' Sister]
1973.06.24MTH, Broadcast, Hits a Go Go, Seeheim Germany[Honaloochie Boogie, Drivin' Sister]
1973.07.09Canceled: MTH, Central Park, New York NY Schaeffer Music Festival
1973.07.27MTH, Aragon Ballroom, Chicago IL Joe Walsh and Barnstorm, REO Speedwagon
1973.07.28MTH, Massillon Stadium, Massillon OH New York Dolls, Dr. Hook, Rainbow [location moved from Cloverleaf Speedway]
1973.07.29MTH, Ford Auditorium, Detroit MI Frampton's Camel (repl. Captain Beefheart, Flo and Eddie)
1973.08.01MTH, Civic Centre, Virginia Beach VASons of Thunder
1973.08.03MTH, Felt Forum, New York NY New York Dolls
1973.08.04MTH, Orpheum Theatre, Boston MAThe Pointer Sisters
1973.08.07MTH, Alpine Arena, Pittsburgh PABlue Oyster Cult, New York Dolls
1973.08.08MTH, Spectrum, Philadelphia PA Blue Oyster Cult, Flash
1973.08.10MTH, Portland ME
1973.08.11MTH, Palace Theater, Providence RIJames Gang
1973.08.12MTH, Sunshine In, Asbury Park NJ Twisted Sister
1973.08.14MTH, Riverside Theatre, Milwaukee WI Blue Oyster Cult, New York Dolls
1973.08.17MTH, Ellis Auditorium, Memphis TN Robin Trower, Jo Jo Gunne
1973.08.18Canceled: MTH, Jaycee Fairgrounds, Fayetteville NCSantana, Savoy Brown, Foghat
1973.08.19MTH, Kennedy Center, Washington DCIggy and the Stooges [final Mick Ralphs gig]
1973.08.22MTH, ABC In Concert TV, New York NYUriah Heep, Sha, Na, Na, Persuasions
1973.08.25Canceled: MTH, Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica CA
1973.08.28MTH, Rehearsal, Netherwood Road, Shepherds Bush UK
1973.08.29MTH, Rehearsal, Netherwood Road, Shepherds Bush UK
1973.08.30MTH, Rehearsal, Netherwood Road, Shepherds Bush UK
1973.09.03MTH, Top Of The Pops, BBC Studios, London UK[All The Way From Memphis]
1973.09.03MTH, Rehearsal, Manticore, Fulham UK
1973.09.04MTH, Rehearsal, Manticore, Fulham UK
1973.09.05MTH, Rehearsal, Manticore, Fulham UK
1973.09.06MTH, Rehearsal, Manticore, Fulham UK
1973.09.11MTH, Midnight Special TV, Los Angeles CANew York Dolls, War
1973.09.11MTH, Rehearsal, Aquarius Theater, Los Angeles CA
1973.09.12MTH, Rehearsal, Aquarius Theater, Los Angeles CA
1973.09.13MTH, Don Kirschner TV, Aquarius Theater, Los Angeles CABlack Oak Arkansas, Earth Wind and Fire
1973.09.14MTH, Palladium, Hollywood CA Blue Oyster Cult, Joe Walsh and Barnstorm, Orphan
1973.09.15MTH, Celebrity Theater, Phoenix AZJoe Walsh and Barnstorm
1973.09.16Canceled: MTH, San Diego CA
1973.09.20Canceled: MTH, Commandor Ballroom, Vancouver BC
1973.09.22MTH, Paramount Northwest Theater, Portland OR supporting Joe Walsh and Barnstorm, Stories
1973.09.23MTH, Paramount Theater, Seattle WA Cheyenne
1973.09.25Canceled: MTH, Denver CO
1973.09.28MTH, Winterland, San Francisco CAJoe Walsh and Barnstorm, Terry Reid
1973.09.29MTH, Winterland, San Francisco CAJoe Walsh and Barnstorm, Terry Reid
1973.10.03Canceled: MTH, Municipal Auditorium, Chattanooga TN New York Dolls, Aerosmith
1973.10.04MTH, Municipal Auditorium, Atlanta GANew York Dolls, Aerosmith
1973.10.05MTH, West Palm Beach Auditorium, West Palm Beach FLNew York Dolls, Aerosmith
1973.10.06MTH, Coliseum, Jacksonville FLNazareth, ZZ Top, Aerosmith
1973.10.07Canceled: MTH, Birmingham AL
1973.10.10MTH, Music Hall, Cincinnati OH Aerosmith
1973.10.11MTH, Auditorium Theatre, Chicago ILNew York Dolls, Aerosmith
1973.10.12MTH, Masonic Temple, Detroit MIAerosmith
1973.10.13MTH, John Carroll University, Cleveland OHAerosmith
1973.10.14MTH, Massey Hall, Toronto ONBlue Oyster Cult, Aerosmith
1973.10.16MTH, Auditorium Theater, Rochester NYNew York Dolls
1973.10.17MTH, Kleinhans Music Hall, Buffalo NY New York Dolls, Aerosmith
1973.10.18MTH, Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh PASpirit, Aerosmith
1973.10.19MTH, Mershon Auditorium,Ohio State University, Columbus OH Aerosmith, Robin Trower
1973.10.20MTH, Shubert Theater, Philadelphia PAAerosmith [two shows]
1973.10.21MTH, Seton Hall, South Orange NJAerosmith [afternoon gig]
1973.10.24MTH, Palace Theater, Providence RIAerosmith
1973.10.25MTH, Soundcheck, Radio City Music Hall, New York NY
1973.10.26MTH, Radio City Music Hall, New York NY
1973.10.27MTH, Orpheum Theater, Boston MA Aerosmith
1973.10.28MTH, Columbia Music Hall, Hartford CT Aerosmith
1973.10.29MTH, Johnston Hall, Moravian College, Bethlehem PA Aerosmith
1973.10.31MTH, Indiana Theater, Indianapolis IN Babe Ruth, Blue, Aerosmith
1973.11.01Canceled: MTH, Civic Center, St. Paul MNAerosmith
1973.11.02MTH, Cowtown Ballroom, Kansas City MOKinky Freidman
1973.11.03MTH, American Theater, St Louis MO Blue (Aerosmith did not appear)
1973.11.04MTH, Top Of The Pops, BBC Studios, London UK[All The Way From Memphis]
1973.11.12MTH, Town Hall, Leeds UK Queen
1973.11.13MTH, St. Georges Hall, Blackburn UK Queen
1973.11.14MTH, Top Of The Pops, BBC Studios, London UK
1973.11.15MTH, Gaumont, Worcester UK Queen
1973.11.16MTH, Lancaster University, Lancaster UKQueen
1973.11.17MTH, Liverpool Stadium, Liverpool UKQueen
1973.11.18Canceled: MTH, Trentham Gardens, Stoke-On-Trent UKQueen
1973.11.18MTH, Victoria Hall, Hanley UKQueen
1973.11.19MTH, Civic Hall, Wolverhampton UKQueen
1973.11.20MTH, New Theater, Oxford UK Queen
1973.11.21MTH, Guildhall, Preston UK Queen
1973.11.22MTH, City Hall, Newcastle UK Queen
1973.11.23MTH, Apollo Centre, Glasgow Scotland Queen
1973.11.25MTH, Caley Picture House, Edinburgh Scotland Queen
1973.11.26MTH, Opera House, Manchester UK Queen
1973.11.27MTH, Town Hall, Birmingham UK Queen
1973.11.28MTH, Brangwyn Hall, Swansea WalesQueen
1973.11.29MTH, Colston Hall, Bristol UK Queen
1973.11.30MTH, Winter Gardens, Bournemouth UK Queen
1973.12.01MTH, Kursaal Ballroom, Southend UK Queen
1973.12.02MTH, Central Hall, Chatham UK Queen
1973.12.14MTH, Hammersmith Odeon, London UK Queen [two shows]
1974.03.02MTH, Germany Disco #39 Broadcast, Germany[Roll Away The Stone]
1974.03.20MTH, Top Of The Pops, BBC Studios, London UK[Golden Age of Rock and Roll]
1974.03.21MTH, St. Georges Hall, Bradford UK Judi Pulver
1974.03.22MTH, De Monfort Hall, Leicester UK Judi Pulver
1974.03.24MTH, Colston Hall, Bristol UK Judi Pulver
1974.03.25MTH, City Hall, Sheffield UKJudi Pulver
1974.03.26MTH, Festival Hall, Paignton UKJudi Pulver
1974.03.27MTH, Winter Gardens, Bournemouth UKJudi Pulver
1974.03.28Canceled: MTH, Performing Arts Center, Akron OH
1974.03.29Canceled: MTH, University Of Cincinnati, Cincinnati OH
1974.03.30Canceled: MTH, Sports Arena, Toledo OH[rescheduled to 1974.05.24]
1974.03.31Canceled: MTH, Aquinas College, Grand Rapids MI
1974.04.01Canceled: MTH, Mershon Auditorium, Ohio State University, Columbus OH[rescheduled to 1974.05.26]
1974.04.04Canceled: MTH, Municipal Auditorium, Charleston SC[rescheduled to 1974.05.16]
1974.04.05Canceled: MTH, Civic Coliseum, Nashville TN
1974.04.06Canceled: MTH, Cook Convention Center, Memphis TN
1974.04.07Canceled: MTH, St. Bernard Auditorium, New Orleans LA[rescheduled to 1974.04.21]
1974.04.11MTH, Celebrity Theater, Phoenix AZHans Olsen
1974.04.12MTH, Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica CAAerosmith [two shows]
1974.04.13MTH, Winterland, San Francisco CAAerosmith, BTO
1974.04.14MTH, Warner Theater, Fresno CA Montrose
1974.04.16MTH, Regis College, Denver COQueen
1974.04.17MTH, Memorial Hall, Kansas City KS Queen
1974.04.18MTH, Keil Auditorium, St. Louis MOQueen
1974.04.19MTH, Fairgrounds, Oklahoma City OK Queen
1974.04.20MTH, Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis TN Queen, Babe Ruth
1974.04.21MTH, St. Bernard Civic Center, New Orleans LAQueen
1974.04.25Canceled: MTH, Allbright College, Reading PA
1974.04.25Canceled: MTH, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy NYQueen
1974.04.26Canceled: MTH, Bucknell College, Louisburg PA
1974.04.26MTH, Orpheum Theater, Boston MAQueen
1974.04.27MTH, Palace Theater, Providence RI Ken Lyons + Tombstone, Queen
1974.04.28MTH, Expo, Portland MEQueen
1974.04.28MTH, London Gardens, London ONTStwabs, MTH, BOC
1974.05.01MTH, State Farm Arena, Harrisburg PA Aerosmith, Queen, Loudface
1974.05.02MTH, Agricultural Hall, Allentown PAQueen
1974.05.03MTH, King's College, Wilkes Barre PAQueen
1974.05.04MTH, Palace Theater, Waterbury CT Queen
1974.05.05MTH, Rehearsal, Capitol Theater, Passaic NJ
1974.05.06MTH, Rehearsal, Capitol Theater, Passaic NJ
1974.05.07MTH, Uris Theater, New York NYQueen
1974.05.08MTH, Uris Theater, New York NY Queen
1974.05.09MTH, Uris Theater, New York NYQueen
1974.05.10MTH, Uris Theater, New York NYQueen [two shows]
1974.05.11MTH, Uris Theater, New York NY Queen
1974.05.12Canceled: MTH, Uris Theater, New York NYQueen [optional date]
1974.05.14MTH, Orpheum Theater, Boston MASkyhook [two shows]
1974.05.14Canceled: MTH, Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh PA
1974.05.15MTH, Constitution Hall, Washington DC Aerosmith
1974.05.16MTH, Galliard Municipal Auditorium, Charleston SCREO Speedwagon replaced Queen
1974.05.17MTH, Fox Theater, Atlanta GAREO Speedwagon replaced Queen
1974.05.18MTH, Coliseum, Knoxville TNREO Speedwagon replaced Queen
1974.05.20MTH, Masonic Temple, Detroit MI Kansas replaced Queen
1974.05.21MTH, Auditorium Theatre, Chicago ILKansas replaced Queen
1974.05.22MTH, Bruce Hall Auditorium, Milwaukee WI Kanasas replaced Queen
1974.05.23MTH, Morris Civic Center, South Bend INQueen did not appear
1974.05.24MTH, Sports Arena, Toledo OH
1974.05.25MTH, Allan Theater, Cleveland OH Kansas replaced Queen
1974.05.26MTH, Mershon Auditorium, Ohio State University, Columbus OH Kansas replaced Queen
1974.05.27MTH, Massey Hall, Toronto ONKansas replaced Queen [(may be 28th)]
1974.05.28MTH, Gardens, London ON
1974.05.29MTH, Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh PAREO Speedwagon replaced Queen
1974.05.30Canceled: MTH, Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh PAREO Speedwagon replaced Queen
1974.05.30MTH, Mosque Theater, Richmond VAREO Speedwagon replaced Queen
1974.05.31MTH, Schubert Theater, Philadelphia PAREO Speedwagon
1974.06.01MTH, Schubert Theater, Philadelphia PAREO Speedwagon [two shows]
1974.06.02MTH, Syria Mosque, Richmond VAREO Speedwagon replaced Queen
1974.06.02Canceled: MTH, Capitol Theater, Passaic NJ
1974.06.19MTH, Top Of The Pops, BBC Studios, London UK[Foxy Foxy]
1974.07.03MTH, Top Of The Pops, BBC Studios, London UK[Foxy Foxy]
1974.07.05MTH, Buxton Festival, Derbyshire UK Lindisfarne, Man, J.S.D Band
1974.07.06MTH, Palace Lido Douglas, Isle Of Man UK
1974.07.31Canceled: MTH, London Music Festival, London UK
1974.10MTH, Top Of The Pops, BBC Studios, London UK[Saturday Gigs]
1974.10.10MTH, Olympen, Lund SwedenSeven Crowns
1974.10.11MTH, Scandanavium, Gothenburg Sweden
1974.10.12MTH, Konserthuset, Stockholm Sweden
1974.10.14MTH, Falkon, Copenhagen Denmark
1974.10.16MTH, TASV-Halle, Saarbrucken Germany Titanic
1974.10.17MTH, Austellungshalle, Stuttgart Germany Titanic
1974.10.18MTH, Volkhaus, Zurich SwitzerlandTitanic did not appear
1974.10.19MTH, Vaduzersaal, Vaduz Lechtenstein Titanic
1974.10.20MTH, Congress House, Bern SwitzerlandTitanic
1974.10.21Canceled: MTH, Brienner Theater, Munchen Germany Titanic
1974.10.23MTH, Roma, Antwerpen Holland
1974.10.24MTH, Forest National, Brussells Belgium
1974.10.25MTH, Offenbach Stadhalle, Frankfurt Germany Titanic
1974.10.26MTH, Stadhalle, Heidelberg Germany Titanic
1974.10.28MTH, Neidersachsenhalle, Hannover Germany Titanic
1974.10.29MTH, Nordmarkhalle, Rendsberg Germany Titanic
1974.10.30MTH, Musikhalle, Hamburg Germany Titanic
1974.11.02MTH, Olympia Theater, Paris France
1974.11.03MTH, Concertbegouw, Amsterdam Holland[last Mott The Hoople gig]
1974.11.10Canceled: MTH, Apollo, Glasgow ScotlandSailor [rescheduled to 1974.12.20]
1974.11.11Canceled: MTH, Leith Hall, Edinburgh ScotlandSailor [rescheduled to 1974.12.16]
1974.11.12Canceled: MTH, Caird Hall, Dundee ScotlandSailor [rescheduled to 1974.12.17]
1974.11.13Canceled: MTH, Music Hall, Aberdeen ScotlandSailor [rescheduled to 1974.12.18]
1974.11.15Canceled: MTH, Town Hall, Leeds UKSailor
1974.11.16Canceled: MTH, Empire Theater, Liverpool UKSailor
1974.11.17Canceled: MTH, Palace, Manchester UKSailor
1974.11.18Canceled: MTH, Guildhall, Portsmouth UKSailor
1974.11.19Canceled: MTH, Winter Gardens, Malvern UK Sailor
1974.11.21Canceled: MTH, Brangwyn Hall, Swansea WalesSailor
1974.11.22Canceled: MTH, Capitol, Cardiff WalesSailor
1974.11.23Canceled: MTH, Odeon, Taunton UKSailor
1974.11.24Canceled: MTH, Winter Gardens, Bournemouth UKSailor
1974.11.26Canceled: MTH, Town Hall, Birmingham UKSailor
1974.11.27Canceled: MTH, Guildhall, Preston UKSailor
1974.11.28Canceled: MTH, Civic Hall, Guildford UKSailor
1974.11.28Canceled: MTH, Globe Theater, Stockton UKSailor
1974.11.29Canceled: MTH, City Hall, Newcastle UKSailor
1974.11.30Canceled: MTH, Lancaster University, Lancaster UKSailor
1974.12.01Canceled: MTH, Hippodrome, Bristol UKSailor
1974.12.02Canceled: MTH, Granada, East Ham UK
1974.12.02Canceled: MTH, Exeter UKSailor
1974.12.04Canceled: MTH, ABC, Ipswich UKSailor
1974.12.04Canceled: MTH, Gaumont, Ipswich UKSailor
1974.12.06Canceled: MTH, Hammersmith Odeon, London UKSailor
1974.12.07Canceled: MTH, Hammersmith Odeon, London UK Sailor
1974.12.08Canceled: MTH, City Hall, Newcastle UKSailor
1974.12.10Canceled: MTH, Gaumont, Southampton UKSailor
1974.12.10Canceled: MTH, Aylesbury UK
1974.12.11Canceled: MTH, New Theater, Oxford UKSailor
1974.12.12Canceled: MTH, Civic Hall, Wolverhampton UKSailor
1974.12.16Canceled: MTH, Leith Hall, Edinburgh Scotland
1974.12.17Canceled: MTH, Caird Hall, Dundee Scotland
1974.12.18Canceled: MTH, Music Hall, Aberdeen Scotland
1974.12.19Canceled: MTH, Music Hall, Aberdeen Scotland
1974.12.20Canceled: MTH, Apollo, Glasgow Scotland
2009.09.25MTH, Blake Theater, Monmouth Walesno support
2009.09.26MTH, Blake Theater, Monmouth Wales no support
2009.10.01MTH, Hammersmith Apollo, London England Joe Gideon and the Sharks
2009.10.02MTH, Hammersmith Apollo, London England Gemma Ray
2009.10.03MTH, Hammersmith Apollo, London England Rumble Strips
2009.10.05MTH, Hammersmith Apollo, London England Glen Matlock
2009.10.06MTH, Hammersmith Apollo, London England Joe Elliott's Down & Outz
2013.11.11MTH, Symphony Hall, Birmingham England Del Bromham
2013.11.13MTH, Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow Scotland Holy Pistol Club
2013.11.16MTH, City Hall, Newcastle England Blues Deluxe
2013.11.17MTH, O2 Apollo, Manchester England The Contrast
2013.11.18MTH, O2 Arena, London England Fish, Thunder